Student Spotlight: Meg Cutler

Meet our next student spotlight, Meg Cutler! Meg was born in Bountiful, the youngest of six kids. When her father was called as a mission president, the family relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Meg recalled that her family had eight or nine bunk beds in the basement where missionaries stayed when they came in or leftContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Meg Cutler”

Student Spotlight: Mikayla Shefchik

Our next student spotlight is second-semester student Mikayla Shefchik! She is the oldest of three and lived in South Georgia for ten years before moving to Arkansas. When deciding on a college, Mikayla looked to her parents as an example. “Hearing the stories about how much my parents loved Brigham Young University made me wantContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Mikayla Shefchik”