Friend of the College: Deanne Francis

By Brooklyn Murray While we often spotlight BYU nursing program graduates or students, there are many others who have made an impact on the program or in our community that did not graduate from BYU. Today’s spotlight is one such person: Deanne Francis.  Deanne grew up in Salt Lake City the daughter of an obstetrician.Continue reading “Friend of the College: Deanne Francis”

Student Spotlight: Kaycen Caldwell

By Jessica Tanner Kaycen Caldwell never thought he would be a Driver’s Education instructor. A fifth-semester nursing student, Caldwell was introduced to the idea by a roommate who thought he would be good for the job. Caldwell was skeptical, but after trying it for himself he found it to be a decent job. “It’s actuallyContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Kaycen Caldwell”