The AACN is Back in Utah!

Many in the area, like Anderson and Dewitt, understand the importance of having knowledgeable and prepared nurses in our community’s hospitals and urgent care facilities. For that reason, they led the charge of bringing the AACN back to our area. Thanks to their efforts over the past few months, the option is now available for all nurses in Utah to be a part of the AACN.

BYU Faculty Members Wins 2020 Rivers Foundation Explorer Award

By Corbin Smith The Garhwal Himalaya range is located in Uttarakhand, India and is home to some of the tallest mountain ranges in the world. Not only does it have beautiful mountains and a glacier that feeds the Ganges River, but it also has sacred Hindu religious sites that can be found hidden in theContinue reading “BYU Faculty Members Wins 2020 Rivers Foundation Explorer Award”