BYU Alumna Helps NYC Stay Strong During COVID-19

By Corbin Smith The world we live in today is in desperate need of heroes, don’t you think? I don’t mean the type of heroes that can fly or shoot fire out of their hands, but the type of heroes who use their own talents for the benefit of those in need. Sickness and injusticeContinue reading “BYU Alumna Helps NYC Stay Strong During COVID-19”

“There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

By Corbin Smith As a society, we are captivated by people who don’t let physical limitations control and define their lives. We love hearing about those who don’t accept “you can’t do that” as a valid excuse. Influential figures like President Roosevelt and Stephen Hawking were confined to a wheelchair during their public lives, butContinue reading ““There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough””