Remembering a Great Nurse

Clinton Lamont Ostler (AS ’74), or “Monty,” was an alum of the BYU College of Nursing. According to Monty’s son Clint, Monty’s time at BYU was something he continually talked and reminisced about.“It was like he was trapped in that period of time,” Clint recalled. “All he ever talked about was his time in school.”Continue reading “Remembering a Great Nurse”

Alumni Spotlight: Amber Jones

Meet our next alumni spotlight, Amber Jones! Amber developed a love of nursing and caretaking at a young age. So many people in her life had health concerns. “I wanted to be able to help those people,” she stated. “And that’s what made me want to be a nurse.” As she progressed toward that goal,Continue reading “Alumni Spotlight: Amber Jones”