Congratulations to Dr. Stacie Hunsaker for Newly Published Article!

Dr. Stacie Hunsaker, one of our amazing faculty, recently co-wrote a research article. This article was published in the Journal of Professional Nursing in July of 2022. The article talks about the importance of the IRUN project which was created “to offer resources to increase immunization content in prelicensure nursing curricula and ensure a future nursing workforce that supports the Healthy People 2030 objectives.” As nurses play a large role in immunizations, making sure the gaps in education on the subject are filled is crucial.

In the summary of the article, the authors write, “Nurses often serve as frontline vaccine providers. As such, nurses are accountable for adhering to standards of care related to immunizations, including communication, documentation, storage and handling, administration, safety, and monitoring of adverse events. Nurses hold a unique and important role as leaders in patient and family education.” They continue, “Nurses are often the first person to encounter families and inpatient nurses spend more time with patients than any other healthcare provider. As such, much of the time is spent communicating about safety issues, which can include the safety and benefits of vaccines. In order to do this, nurses need extensive knowledge and skills which are essential in ensuring safe and effective immunization practices.”

At the conclusion of the article, the authors write, “Incorporation of IRUN resources supports the development of students that are prepared to be competent clinicians who can provide care to diverse populations in multiple settings, and across the care continuum.”

Congratulations to Stacie Hunsaker for the publication of this article!

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