Becoming a Doula

Nursing students are constantly looking for jobs and opportunities that give them a closer look into the expansive world of healthcare. One of the most unknown yet unique options for nursing students is becoming a labor and birth and/or postpartum doula.

Utah Valley Doulas is an agency that serves women in both Utah County and Salt Lake County. “A doula is there as an unbiased person who is there for your best interest,” Kylee Alejandre, the owner of Utah Valley Doulas, explains. Additionally, the role of a doula is to support her client physically, emotionally, and educationally. A labor and birth doula reminds their client of their birth plan, provides their client with physical comfort techniques such as counter pressure and massages, and advocates for their client during the birth. A postpartum doula goes into the home of someone who has just had a baby and helps them care for their newborn, other children, and household chores such as cooking and cleaning, with the end goal being providing their client with some rest during a very exhausting time in their life.

Nursing students are a great fit for becoming a doula. The hours are flexible, the job pays well, and it gives nursing students, especially ones interested in working in labor and delivery and/or postpartum, the opportunity to explore the field. Additionally, Utah Valley Doulas helps certify doulas and provides them with support, advice, and guidance as they enter the field.

If you’re interested, you can email info@utahvalleydoulas.come or call/text 801-871-5389 to talk to Kylee. You can also learn more at their website

The College Handoff will also be featuring Kylee in an upcoming episode. We’ll be going into more detail about the role of a doula, Kylee’s journey to becoming a doula, and the connections between being a doula and being a nurse.

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