Podcast Alert: “Healthy Brain Banter”

Fun fact: The College Handoff isn’t the only podcast being recorded and produced at the College of Nursing at Brigham Young University. A nursing student-led podcast called Healthy Brain Banter focuses on trauma and mental health. The podcast is part of a research project called “All Things Trauma and Mental Health.” Dr. Blaine Winters is the faculty mentor for the project. He is joined by four nursing students: Tiana Halterman, Allison Christenson, Anna Smiley, and Carrollyn Ferderber.

“Our topics so far have been on academic stress and mental health, physical challenges and mental health, COVID-19 nursing, and mental health, and an introduction to our podcast as well as resources for mental health available at BYU,” Allison explains. “Some of our upcoming topics are going to be diet and mental health, elder abuse, teen violence, and LGBTQ individuals and mental health.”

“We are super excited to present our project this April at the Western Institute of Nursing Conference. We also presented at the college’s research conference last semester,” Allison says. “We are passionate about this project and want to influence a broader audience.”

The College of Nursing believes that the information being shared on Healthy Brain Banter is worthwhile and critical for nurses and others. It deserves a broader audience, and we want to show some love to this project! Healthy Brain Banter is available on Spotify, Amazon, and PodBean (blainewinters.podbean.com). You can also learn more about the team behind Healthy Brain Banter and information about trauma and mental health on their Instagram page (www.instagram.com/healthybrainbanter) or their blog (allthingstraumaandmentalhealth.com).

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