2022 Professionalism Conference Recap

Photo of keynote speaker Dr. Cynthia Clark

On Monday, February 28, the 2022 Professionalism Conference was held at the BYU Wilkinson Student Center. Nursing students gathered to connect with each other and learn from a variety of nursing professionals. 

Monday’s keynote speaker was Dr. Cynthia Clark, Founder and Consultant at Civility Matters and Professor Emeritus at Boise State University. Her work centers on civility and healthy work environments. Dr. Clark shared many of her empirically based insights with attendees. 

Following the keynote speaker was an introduction to the Choose 2 Give campaign, a fundraiser where students can financially support their classmates in need. You can find out more about the fundraiser here.

Before going into breakout sessions to learn from a variety of nursing professionals, students were able to hear from vendors with different schooling and employment opportunities in the community.

There were ten breakout sessions at this year’s conference. One of the presenters was associate teaching professor Scott Summers who spoke about wilderness nursing. One student, Ammon Jefferies, commented, “I really enjoyed Scott Summer’s wilderness first aid breakout. As a group, we walked through a case study and got to see the art of making a human sleeping bag burrito.” Another presenter was teaching professor Dr. Sheri Palmer. Natalie Holme commented, “I really enjoyed Sheri’s breakout room about international nursing. She shared with us the realities of participating in international nursing, which is something I am really interested in.” About the conference as a whole, Natalie said, “I appreciated the topics available to learn about in this year’s professionalism conference.” Some of those other topics included mindfulness, taught by Dr. Janelle Macintosh, and flight nursing, presented by Tracy Dallin. 

Closing remarks were given by Dr. Corinna Tanner who spoke on post traumatic growth. Many students remarked on the insightfulness of Corinna’s talk. One said, “Corinna Tanner’s closing remarks were so inspired and thoughtful. You could feel her love for all of the students and for the nursing profession as a whole.” Adding to this sentiment, a second student shared, “Dr. Corinna Tanner’s closing remarks were thoughtful, insightful, and empowering for prospective nurses. Her message was heartfelt and sincere and brought many of us to tears.” Another shared a personal connection, saying, “In Dr. Corinna Tanner’s closing session, I was touched by all of the experiences she shared about post-traumatic growth. I found this subject to be very relevant and hopeful for me as an individual experiencing some trauma in my own life.”

Following the conference, students were better prepared to advance in their nursing careers. We are proud of our student’s continued advocacy, educational, and leadership goals as they live the Healer’s art.

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