Happy Valentine’s Day! A Couple of BYU Nurses in Love (Part 2)

Photo of Easton and Felice, certified Star Wars enthusiasts

Meet Felice and Easton Andersen! They are both students of the BYU nursing program. Easton is a second-semester student, while Felice is in her fifth semester. Both grew up in Inkom, Idaho, just south of Pocatello. They met when they were ten and became fast friends.

At 14 years old, Easton, along with his family, joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He fondly remembers taking seminary the last class of the day with Felice–who was born a member–and discussing church topics on the drive home. Easton credits these conversations and Felice with fortifying his faith.

They were friends throughout junior high and high school until senior year, when they became more. The first date they told me about was what they called a “homie date” to a haunted house. “We held hands for the first time around Halloween,” Felice recalls. They went on many of these “homie dates,” which were often accompanied by cuddling, though both refused to talk about the growing closeness in their relationship. This changed following their first kiss in April, after which Easton texted Felice to ask if she wanted to be a couple and they became official.

When asked if the transition from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend was uncomfortable, Felice responded, “By senior year, we knew that friendship was the most important thing to our relationship. We postponed dating until it was inevitable. We built the communication, built the friendship, the trust and the love, and then decided we were dating rather than the other way around. So because we waited so long, it wasn’t weird at all.”

Just after becoming official, they attended mission prep together. Felice remembered, “The whole lesson was about how if you’re preparing for a mission, you need a break up with your significant other. We definitely ignored that lesson.” But Easton’s mission was fast approaching following graduation. “We both agreed when he left that if it worked out by the time he got back, it would be great. But there wasn’t the expectation that I would wait for him.” Although not a couple while Easton served his mission, they emailed throughout and got engaged five weeks after he got home.

Becoming a nurse was a straightforward decision for Felice. She was interested in the sciences and compassionate care. “I was the person helping people bandage up their scraped knees and burns when we were growing up,” she recalled. Easton began school wanting to become a physician assistant, but after seeing how holistic nursing care was, he switched to the nursing program.

Easton and Felice love talking about nursing, even the gross stuff, with each other. While others at the dinner table may be grossed out, the couple finds what they learn to be fascinating. Being able to talk about their interests is definitely a perk of being in the same profession, as well as studying and working through questions together. “The only con would be that with both of us in healthcare, our schedules are nuts,” Felice explained. Between working holidays and weekends, there isn’t much time to spend together. “We get to create our own holidays,” Felice stated optimistically. To couples trying to navigate the busy schedule, Felice advised, “Communicate with whoever you’re trying to date that your schedule is tight. You might say, ‘hey, it’s a busy week. I would like your company if you wanted to join me studying.’ That high communication is key so you’re not sacrificing your success or your goals.”

Besides talking about nursing, Felice and Easton like the outdoors. “We both mountain bike and backpack a lot during the summer,” Felice said, adding that they frequent The Quarry in Provo all months of the year. In addition, the pair are Star Wars nerds and enjoy Star Wars media together. “We’ve watched all the movies and the shows,” Easton said. They’ve seen it all, from the original trilogy to The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Learning the Healer’s art isn’t relegated to the classroom or clinicals. “Marriage really helps you see outside yourself,” Felice said. “It’s no longer your schedule and your routine and your priorities; it’s the couple’s. That helps broaden your perspective into your patients’ lives because you’re more experienced through marriage at being aware of how to help others in lots of different ways, besides doing your nursing tasks.”

We wish this couple and our readers a Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a great day to tell someone you love them, express gratitude, and hold loved ones close.

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