Blood Pressure Clinic Reflection

Every semester, the College of Nursing at Brigham Young University sponsors a campus clinic to help its first-semester students practice assessing blood pressure. This is the first large clinic BYU’s nursing students attend in their education. On January 18, this opportunity allowed students and community members to learn about blood pressure and discuss ways to improve their lifestyles.

Photo from 2021 Clinic

During the clinic, each student worked with about ten patients. After some brief preliminary questions about the patient’s medical history, the nursing student took a pulse and then determined the blood pressure. One nursing student, Amanda, commented, “We’ve practiced on each other, but this clinic is the first time I’ve taken the blood pressure of a stranger. It’s a great way to practice public health skills.”

Photo from 2021 Clinic

After being informed of their vitals, patients were told ways to improve their numbers and CDC recommendations for staying healthy. A student remarked, “It’s a win-win. They help us obtain practical experience, and we help them be healthier.”

Congratulations to our first-year students on a successful clinic!

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