Student Spotlight: Stephanie Hall

Stephanie and her husband Cole

Our next student spotlight is Stephanie Hall, a fourth-semester student and Idaho native. “I loved growing up in Idaho,” she remarked. “It was perfect. But for college, I wanted to try someplace new.” So after applying and getting into Brigham Young University, Provo became her “someplace new.”

Deciding to pursue a career in nursing was no simple task. “I took a career exploration class my freshman year,” she remembered. “And part of that was we did a little research on different careers that we were interested in. And so, I got to talk to a couple of nurses in the neighborhood. In the way they talked about nursing, I found that they loved it so much.” As a result, she marked a nursing career as a good option in her mind before leaving on a mission. 

Stephanie served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Denmark from 2017 to 2019. It was a blessing to serve the Lord, but an additional benefit came from the experience. “My husband, Cole, went to Denmark on his mission, too,” Stephanie explained. They hit it off and got married in June 2020.

Nursing was still on Stephanie’s radar when she got home. She loaded her schedule with prerequisites and worked as a CNA for a while. “It made me rethink things,” she commented on her experience as a CNA. “It made me sit down and figure out if I wanted to do this.” With a lack of medical background, Stephanie found herself questioning whether she was cut out for the job. “I remember talking to my parents and them asking me if the reason I wasn’t sure about nursing was that it was too hard or I didn’t like it anymore. And I realized that wasn’t the reason.” After some contemplation, she realized the root of her doubts. “I was nervous because I didn’t have the training or the education. And I knew continuing my schooling would fix that.”

Besides gaining knowledge in nursing, Stephanie has learned a lot about the Healer’s art. “I’ve learned a lot about how to love people, no matter the circumstances.” Patients often have medical concerns that result from poor habits or unhealthy behavior. “Even when they’re not helping themselves, there’s still a desire to help them and see them get better,” she explained. In addition, Stephanie has developed a strong testimony of prayer. “In nursing, or even in school—this is a lifelong thing—it’s important to always have a prayer in your heart and mind. It’s been a big testimony builder to see that God does answer our prayers.”

Stephanie has a few ideas of what she wants to do after graduation. “Cardiac nursing sounds cool,” she said. “I had an experience when I was doing clinicals in the ER. One day, someone came in having a heart attack. I got to stand in the little side room and watch. And that was interesting.” While she doesn’t have her heart set on being one of the clinicians in the operating room, she explained, “I thought it would be cool to be the nurse that helps afterward, that would take care of people that have had heart surgery or another type of cardiac treatment.” Her husband, Cole, has just been accepted to medical school, and she hopes to work at the hospital connected with that school. Although there are many directions she could go after graduation, Stephanie is excited to begin her career as a clinician.

In her free time, Stephanie likes puzzles and has also picked up cross-stitching. “I always like having a puzzle out for when I have time for it,” she stated. She and Cole also like watching shows together. “We watch lots of The Blacklist,” she said. “And we love New Girl. So those are the two shows that we spend the most time on.” Additionally, they enjoy Marvel movies and television shows. While her feelings are mixed, Stephanie is generally optimistic about the next phase of Marvel.

We are so excited to watch Stephanie progress as a nurse here at the College of Nursing at BYU!

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