Student Spotlight: Lindsey Brown

By Eliza Joy

Our next student spotlight is Lindsey Brown! Lindsey is a fifth-semester nursing student from Connecticut. 

Photo of Lindsey

Linsey has many hobbies, but one of her favorites is nail art. After learning about and practicing gel nails, Lindsey had the idea to use her hobby to her advantage. “I started an Etsy and I sold press-on nails,” she said. “My niche was that they were glow in the dark.” She saw an increase in sales during the pandemic when getting salon appointments was nearly impossible. When she’s back home in Connecticut and has all her supplies with her, Lindsey enjoys painting nails for other people. Although she is currently taking a break from Etsy, you can follow her instagram account @nailedbylindsey to see her amazing work and for updates on when her store will reopen!

Lindsey isn’t just good at nails. She’s a mom: a plant mom.  “I collect plants,” she stated. “I had a really large collection at one point. We have a sunroom in my house back home. The entire sunroom was completely packed.” She knows everything about house plants, and is especially interested in the rarer ones. Being a cactus-killer myself, I asked what plants she would recommend that are low maintenance and hard to kill. “Pothos is my number one recommendation,” she said. “It’s a type of philodendron.” These plants come in a few colors from white and green, to silvery, to plain green. They grow really easily and as a bonus, they are vining plants. “If you have a really long stem, you can just cut it off, stick it in water, and it’ll grow more,” Linsdey informed. For all the aspiring plant moms without green thumbs, pothos may just be your ticket to a greener living space.

Photo of Lindsey and her cat

Of course, most of Lindey’s focus isn’t on hobbies: it’s on school. When asked why Lindsey decided to go into nursing, she laughed. “I’m probably the worst person to ask this question.” Although she was good at English in high school, she knew she didn’t want to major in it. Science was also interesting, but not enough to specialize in any particular field. So Lindsey looked elsewhere. “I took Intro to Computer Science,” she recalled. “I thought, ‘This is so fun!’” The class was full of whimsy and Lindsey remembers a particular project where she animated cute cacti to jump around the screen. “Then I took AP Computer Science and thought, ‘This is not fun anymore.’” Finally in senior year of high school, Lindsey decided to become a nurse.

Photo of Lindsey in the NLC

What drew Lindsey to the BYU College of Nursing was the unique education. “BYU is very holistically focused,” Linsdey said. “A lot of schools won’t focus on the spiritual aspect as much. And for some people, it’s maybe not so important. But for other people, it’s huge. It’s really good that we’re getting a seriously well rounded education.” Linsdey plans to continue her schooling after receiving her bachelor’s degree. Her interests include aesthetics, dermatology, and psych nursing, but she’s open to wherever life directs her.

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