Student Spotlight: Ashley Moessing

By Eliza Joy

Meet Ashley Moessing, our next student spotlight! Ashley just started her nursing education this fall. When Ashley isn’t working hard in school, she enjoys playing spikeball, diving, and casually playing the viola. When asked why she decided on viola, Ashley stated, “I’ve always liked being different.” She added that she also likes the lower sound of the viola. Her favorite viola joke is, “What do you call someone who hangs around musicians? A viola player!” Ashley’s focus these days, however, is her education. 

With three generations of nurses before her, Ashley’s desire to become a nurse comes as no surprise. But besides their legacy, she has a lot of personal reasons to pursue a career in nursing. “I’m excited to be learning more about how to prevent lifelong complications,” she said. “How to heal people and how to really improve people’s lifestyles. Because a lot of people don’t know how to do that. They don’t know how to take care of themselves.” In becoming a nurse, Ashley’s desire is to improve the quality of people’s lives. In the future, Ashley hopes to further her education and become a nurse practitioner. She’s not yet sure which area of nursing she’d like to specialize in, but that’s part of the appeal. “What’s so appealing to me about the field of nursing is that there are so many options of things you can do with it.” Exploring the diversity of nursing throughout her education is something she looks forward to.

Although Ashley is just starting out her nursing education, she says her favorite part so far has been cultivating her skills. From taking blood pressure for the first time to putting her knowledge into practice during clinicals, Ashley has been able to see her skill set both expand and improve.

When Ashley was asked what makes BYU so special, she talked about her mom’s experience with BYU’s nursing program. “My mom showed up to the first day of two different nursing schools, one at BYU and one at another school. At the other school, what they taught was very secular. And then, on the first day of nursing school at BYU, they talked about how sacred the body is and how, as a nurse, you’re going to be involved in the most sacred parts of people’s lives.” After this experience, Ashley’s mom decided that the kind of education she wanted was one that bolstered her faith. “That’s also why I chose and like the BYU nursing program,” Ashley said. “Even the motto is ‘Learning the Healer’s Art.’ I love how we bring Christ into our nursing education. I love going to classes and teachers relating different parts of what I’m learning to the gospel or starting classes with a prayer. All these things continue to help me live my faith well.”

Welcome to the BYU College of Nursing, Ashley!

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