Petr Ruda and Michael Thomas Welcome New Babies!

By Kathryn Mulligan

Here at the College of Nursing, we’ve recently had several faculty members welcome new babies into the world. Among these faculty members are Assistant Professors Petr Ruda and Michael Thomas.

Petr’s baby, ShaLee

Petr and his wife welcomed their daughter ShaLee Rudova into the world in April of 2021. ShaLee is Petr’s first child and he’s loving his new role as a father. He enjoys the funny things his daughter does. Petr says, “We know that she is awake because she toots.” He also told us that his daughter is potty trained. “Every time you put a clean diaper on her, she goes potty!”

Michael’s baby, Rosie

Michael and his wife welcomed their daughter Annalyn Rose, nicknamed Rosie, in December of 2020. Rosie is the youngest in the Thomas family by eight and a half years. Due to this age gap, Michael feels like he and his wife have been able to enjoy the experience of having a baby more than with his three sons that were all born closely together. “With Rosie, it’s easier to get through the challenging parts of having a baby… I think we’re enjoying her smile [and] her funny personality (which includes yelling at the top of her lungs, lots of laughing, and giving you a big smile with a scrunchy nose when she finally succeeds in getting your attention) even more than we did with our other kids.”

Congrats to Petr, Michael, and all of our other faculty members that have recently welcomed babies into the world!

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