Lippincott Procedures Update

By Eliza Joy

The Lippincott Procedures is an evidence-based database that contains clinical guidance for over 1800 nursing skills and procedures. It helps faculty and clinical staff remain consistent, providing the best care to patients. But it can help students as well.

Newly purchased just last semester, students attending the BYU College of Nursing have access to the Lippincott Procedures. It’s a resource that both graduate and undergraduate students can utilize. Dr. Peggy Anderson, a member of faculty at the College of Nursing, said “I anticipate that students will use the app as a resource in their redacted courses, their clinical courses, and their lab courses.” Utilizing this resource will be helpful to the success of nursing students throughout their education at BYU.

Getting familiar with this resource is more about just success in school, however. It’s also about providing the best care possible to patients after graduation. As Peggy put it, the Lippincott Procedures have been “shown through research to decrease errors, reduce the variability of care, increase the amount of time that a healthcare provider can spend delivering the care, and empower nurses and allied healthcare staff with knowledge and confidence to make informed clinical decisions.” Another key component of these procedures is it helps nurses maintain compliance with the current national guidelines. 

The Lippincott Procedures are continually reviewed and updated to ensure medical staff are receiving the most accurate information possible. Besides procedural guidance, students and medical personnel also have access to helpful graphics, pictures, and 33 integrated nursing and medical textbooks. It is a fountain of medical information. 

Using this tool can be more than informative; it can also be fun! Let’s say for example there is an unusual procedure that you are interested in learning about, even though you may never have the opportunity to perform it in the course of your education or career. With access to the Lippincott Procedures, you can discover all sorts of innovative techniques, both in and out of your field.

To access the Lippincott Procedures, please refer to the email sent out before the start of fall semester.

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