Student Spotlight: Laura Wilcox

By Brooklyn Murray

Photo courtesy of Wilcox

Meet our next student spotlight, Laura Wilcox! She is from Farmington, Utah, enjoys playing soccer, boating, Lake Powell, and she is slowly learning to enjoy colder weather. Laura has been an aunt since she was 10, a wife since she was 21, and a novice mountain biker since she was 23. A fun fact she likes to share is that she can be seen as an extra in an episode of Modern Family. The show was filming in Las Vegas while she was on vacation there, and she got to walk in the background a handful of times. Laura is in her sixth and last semester in the BYU Nursing program. After graduating, she hopes to work in the ICU or in Labor and Delivery, but she is willing to be open to whatever is available to her.

One of the reasons Laura feels inspired to go into nursing is because of an experience she had while serving as a missionary in Belize. While there, she was bitten badly by a dog and needed to have her first surgery in a developing country, something that would make many people uneasy. Laura says, “It’s safe to say I was pretty nervous and I had a lovely nurse who helped calm me right down.” She continues, “[That nurse] is one of the reasons I wanted to become a nurse, so that I could have the same impact on others that she had on me.”

Despite its challenges, Laura says the BYU Nursing program has, “helped me to try and love and serve as Christ did.” She has recognized the importance of withholding judgement from patients despite their appearances or backgrounds. Striving to give everyone the best care she can offer is a lifelong goal of Laura’s in both nursing and her regular everyday life.

Photo courtesy of Wilcox

When asked what her favorite part of the program is, Laura answers, “My cohorts. They were my support and joy throughout the program!” She elaborates by saying everyone needs good friends to get through hard things, “And the BYU Nursing program is a hard thing.” She is appreciative of the friends she has made along the way, and for the education she has received. Above all, Laura says, “I’m very grateful for the chance to learn about the beautiful human body and all the amazing things it can do.”

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