The Spanish for Nurses Club wants YOU!

By Corbin Smith

Here at the BYU College of Nursing, we want all of our students to pursue their passions. Once starting the program it is common for students to find a specific niche that makes them feel like they are or are setting themselves up to make a difference in the world. Today, we wanted to highlight a student with a special talent and the club he started on campus to help himself and others further develop their talents.

Photo Courtesy of Williams

Dallin Williams is one of our many bilingual students in the program. Being a Spanish speaker himself and knowing that many of his classmates shared that same skill, Williams wanted to find a way to incorporate two of his passions: nursing and Spanish. After having to drop the “Medical Spanish” class that is offered through the Spanish department because of scheduling difficulties, he decided to start a group, specifically for nursing students, that helped teach and learn Spanish medical vocabulary. The result? The Spanish for Nurses Student Association.

The purpose of Spanish for Nurses is simple: help Spanish speaking nursing students gain the skills so they can apply their unique knowledge in the hospital.

“Spanish for Nurses is organized to accommodate most nursing clinical rotation schedules and provides students with a more clinical approach to learning Medical Spanish,” Williams says. “With the practice scenarios and simulations we complete in our meetings, the vocabulary and patient interactions become almost second nature for our students.”

Spanish for Nurses is open to all nursing students, no matter the level of Spanish they have achieved. While the majority of students participating in Spanish for Nurses have served Spanish speaking missions, there have been few brave students with zero Spanish background. Everyone is welcome!

Spanish for Nurses meet every Wednesday night at 4pm. Each meeting students are split into two groups, one for beginners and the other for more experienced speakers. Then, each group does specific activities such as kahoot and quizlet vocabulary games, patient simulations, and critical cultural discussions.

Knowing how to use Spanish in the hospital is a valuable skill that could greatly benefit a nurse. The state and nation we live in is becoming increasingly more diverse by race and language. Having the ability to speak to Spanish patients that enter the hospital not only will bring peace and comfort to the patients, but will also enable you, as a nurse, to develop even greater empathy for those who can often feel lost in an English speaking world.

To learn more information about the group, their meetings and other general information, you can visit your semester’s nursing Facebook pages or the BYU SNA Instagram (@byusna) today! Don’t miss another week!

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