BYU’s SNA Chapter: Influencing Nursing Students On a National Level.

This past April, the College of Nursing was awarded the SNA Stellar Chapter award by the National Student Nurses’ Association. This award is given every 5 years to schools who place high emphasis on helping their students develop though SNA. 

BYU is incredibly lucky to have faculty who value the experiences SNA provides students, and that’s one significant reason the College of Nursing received this award. Not all schools have as much faculty support as our SNA program does and it’s because of this support that there is funding for SNA activities and opportunities for students to travel to conferences. A supportive faculty is one of the main reasons students are able to participate in SNA on state and national levels.

Another reason the College of Nursing received this award is because of the time and effort students put into BYU’s SNA chapter. We are lucky to have strong SNA leadership and advisors Sondra Heaston (FNP) and Dr.Bret Lyman in helping students get as much out of the organization as they can. They are constantly thinking of unique ways to help students network, develop professional skills, and connect with each other.  BYU also has students serving in leadership positions in both the state and national levels who are influencing SNA members everywhere.

BYU’s College of Nursing is nationally recognized as a school that places high importance on students’ professional development and one of the best ways to get leadership experience on higher levels, make connections, and boost your resume is through BYU’s stellar SNA chapter.

Picture: SNA Advisor, Sondra Heaston and NSNA NEC Chair and 6th Semester Student, Isabella Allgaier with the NSNA Stellar Chapter Award.

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