College Admin Receives SAERA Award

Jeff Peery (center) receives a SAERA Award from BYU; presented by university HR personnel and Dean Ravert.


Earlier this semester, Jeff Peery, the college public relations and communications manager, was recognized with a university Staff and Administrative Employee Recognition (SAERA) Award. He has displayed levels of continual learning, innovation, and care that have improved the College of Nursing and BYU. The University-sponsored SAERA Award recognizes those who have shown competency, respect for sacred resources, integrity, teamwork, exceeding customer expectation, respect for all individuals, innovation and accountability.

Jeff L. Peery

Exceeding Customer Expectations

“Jeff is always looking for new ways to promote the College of Nursing,” says Dean Dr. Patty Ravert. “In 2018 he organized the first event for our graduate program alumni as an evening dinner for their families to get together, reconnect and expand on recruiting preceptors for current family nurse practitioner students. He oversaw the planning of children’s sessions so parents could visit and hear a message from the college. There were 40 children in attendance and his team helped them make a craft, and play games. The reunion was successful and everyone had a great time. Because of this event, some alumni volunteered to serve as preceptors for our students.”

There are several reasons why Dean Ravert nominated Peery in the exceeding customer expectations category. During his seven years at the college, he has doubled the number of alumni magazines published each year, added social channels to the list of ways to distribute college content, and expanded the number of alumni events from three to 10 each year.

“Another important event is the ‘Night of Nursing’ evening which Jeff started several years ago. He facilitates groups of College of Nursing alumni and friends to gather across the nation. This event has grown and in 2018 there were 41 locations. In 2018, the groups connected via an online conference tool to hear Sister Barbara Perry share a brief message about compassion and caring for her husband Elder L. Tom Perry in his final days. Over 400 nursing and university alumni participated. Jeff continues to work with the College Alumni Board to continue to make this a valuable event each year.”

The college congratulations Peery for his efforts to connect alumni with the college and university.

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