Thank you, College of Nursing!

By Jessica Tanner

Nursing students are amazingly compassionate, intelligent, and driven people. I am constantly amazed at everything you participate in—the lectures, labs, simulations, and the many hours of clinicals. It has been such an experience for me to be able to sit down and talk with many of you, learn your stories, learn from you, and be able to share what I have learned with others.

So many of you shared inspiring words!  Here are some of my favorites:

“There is no one mold you have to fit to be a nurse.” – Electra Cochran

As I interviewed students and faculty, I repeatedly learned each of you is so unique. It is often our differences, our talents, and our hobbies that make us better able to serve and connect with one another. I am not a nursing student, but this statement holds true no matter the major or profession.

“We go past a lot of people and how much connection you make is up to you.” – Dr. Sabrina Jarvis

Dr. Jarvis taught me that every encounter I have with another person has an effect and I can decide whether that is positive or negative. I was reminded that we often do not know what others are going through until we take the time to talk with them. The littlest things, like smiling or asking “how are you,” often make the biggest difference.

“We meet complete strangers on their worst days ever, their most vulnerable times.” – Elizabeth Eide

Like Dr. Jarvis, Eide has learned the importance of kindness. While she is talking specifically about nursing, it applies to us whether we are in a hospital or not. We often do meet strangers when they are in need.

“I can’t do everything, but I can do something.” – Holly Christensen

I did not interview Christiansen directly, but I was able to hear her speak at The Magic Yarn Project event in March. The quote is from a video on The Magic Yarn Project website. When problems seem too big to be solved, it is a reminder that I can do my part to be part of the solution.

Though I only worked here for a few months, I really enjoyed my time here. Special thanks to Jeff, Quincey, Zak, and Andrew and all College of Nursing staff and faculty. Thanks for being great examples and friends to me and making me feel welcome even though I was not going to be here for very long. You truly are amazing!



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