There’s a movie star in our midst


Eden stars on the set for NP educational videos.

By Quincey Taylor

Assistant teaching professor Lacey Eden, who is also the chair of the immunization special interest group for the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners or NAPNP, recently starred in some training videos for nurse practitioners. Promoting the meningitis B vaccine, these videos provide nurses with the skills to know what to say in order to educate their patients on the importance of this vital vaccine.

There were four educational videos paired with an explanatory segment. The videos explored:

  1. How to talk to a patient who is hesitant to get the vaccine because they are sick
  2. How to express the importance of the vaccine to a patient who claims they are too busy
  3. How to respectfully talk to parents that don’t want to give their child the vaccination
  4. How to talk to the parent of a child going off to college that needs the vaccine

These simulations, which portray situations that Eden experiences every day in the clinic, will prepare nurse practitioners whom Eden calls the “forefront for advocating for vaccines.”

NAPNP received a grant to make these videos and invited Eden to play the NP. They gave her the star treatment, flying her out to Atlanta to the production studio and airbrushing her makeup. “In between clips they would come in and powder my nose,” Eden laughs, “real nursing is not that glamorous.”

Before coming to Atlanta, the video team created an outline for the script. Eden was able to read through it and change a few things she felt would more closely mirror a real-life setting. She comments, “It was fun to see that my feedback was very valuable to them.”

Nurses have an incredible responsibility to educate their patients about the importance of vaccines. The important thing, however, is to always treat patients respectfully so that they want to come back. Eden says, “It definitely take some mutual understanding and respect and listening to their side. Parents are always trying to do what’s best for their child. You need to present your material on the facts in a manner that is respectful so that they’ll come back to you.”

When asked if this is the start of a budding acting career, Eden laughs “No, but it was a lot of fun and if they asked I would totally do it again.”

These free access videos are on YouTube for anyone to use. They are available here:

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