CON receives $50,000 in scholarship money from Intermountain Healthcare


Pictured from left to right are Brenda Voisara from Intermountain Healthcare HR department, Cosmo, Dean Patricia Ravert, and Nathan Peterson of the Community Giving department.

By Quincey Taylor

Recently the College of Nursing accepted a generous donation of $50,000 from Intermountain Healthcare. Intermountain has donated to the college before, and college officials wish to express their deep gratitude.

Every semester, students come to BYU not knowing exactly how they will be able to pay for tuition. That is where donations like this comes in. This money will go towards helping students through scholarships. Intermountain hopes their donation will promote diversity in the student population.

Diversity in the student population can mean many things. It can mean promoting racial or ethnic minorities at BYU. It can mean being male in a typically female-dominated field. It can mean returning to school at a non-traditional age or time of life. It can mean helping students from different socioeconomic backgrounds or starting a BYU legacy with a first-generation student.

Cara Wiley from the College of Nursing Advisement Center explains that they are also looking for potential scholarship recipients that have had diverse experiences with different populations around the world. An example would be students with a women’s studies minor, which has its own study abroad across four different countries where students focus on helping women specifically.

When asked why Intermountain is giving scholarships to promote diversity, Wiley says, “They are trying to diversify their workforce. To do that, you diversify the students that will become your workforce.” They will begin picking candidates for scholarships in the fall, and hope to find those that can contribute to the diversity of the nursing program.

Wiley is so thankful for the donation and stresses, “This is a huge benefit for our students. It’s also a benefit to the college because it can be used in a variety of ways…There are a lot of students who have financial needs, a lot more than anyone thinks. There are some that are really having some serious struggles and it’s nice to have this kind of donation. Students’ thank-you letters say it all, you can feel their appreciation and love.”

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