We Will Miss You Colleen!

By Mindy Longhurst


An image of Colleen Tingey. Photo courtesy of the College of Nursing Media Team.

Colleen Tingey, the Mary Jane Rawlinson Geertsen Nursing Learning Center (NLC) Supervisor, has worked for the College of Nursing for 14 and a half years. Her largest contribution to the College of Nursing has been with the recently renovated NLC. This project was completed and the new NLC facility was opened in Fall 2014.

The new area is a total of nearly 11,000 square feet, expanded 4,000 feet from the original center built in 2001. The NLC has six full-simulation rooms with high-fidelity manikins, four debriefing rooms, five exam rooms, a nine-bed skill lab, a four-bed walk-in lab, and two procedure training areas. Each area is flexible and can be reconfigured in a variety of ways according to class needs.

Tingey was able to participate in almost all the different stages of the renovation of the NLC. She was able to help with preparation before the renovation took place, she was able to help with the blueprints and with the architects. Tingey had a hand in focusing on every detail in the NLC from the sinks to the storage space.

In the past ten years, the number of student encounters in the NLC has doubled. Student encounters are essentially any learning experience that the students have had at the NLC including labs, walk-in labs and classes that take place in the NLC.

In Fall 2016, Electronic Health Records (E.H.R.) were implemented into the NLC. This has helped the students tremendously to learn how to use the E.H.R. system at BYU before using a similar E.H.R. system during their clinical rotations at hospitals. This system has helped the students to perform better and be more comfortable during clinical.

Tingey says, “It is very hard to leave BYU.” She has loved being able to work at BYU and for the College of Nursing. After retirement, Tingey wants to focus on increasing her skills in quilting, sewing, yard work and canning. But, most importantly, Tingey looks forward to spending more time with her five children and nine grandchildren.

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