Vaccines Aren’t Just for Kids

By Mindy Longhurst

If you think vaccines are just for kids, you are wrong! Even adults need to get vaccines to make sure that they stay healthy. Below are vaccine suggestions based on age.


Flu Shot

All adults need to receive the flu shot annually. This will protect you and your family from getting sick and spreading it to others.


Adults needs to have the Tdap vaccine once in their lifetime. Most receive this vaccine as an adolescent, but if you did not get the Tdap vaccine then, make sure to do it now as an adult.

19-26 years old


The HPV vaccine helps adults to fight against certain cancers.


Shingles Vaccine

Those who are fifty and over have a much higher risk of getting shingles. If you ever had chicken pox, the shingles virus is inside you. Shingles is a very painful rash and skin irritation that is affected through the nervous system. The vaccine helps to prevent the shingles virus from becoming active. Talk with your doctor about how frequently you should receive the shingles vaccine.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Especially those over the age of 65 should get this vaccine. This helps prevent diseases that affect the lungs and bloodstream.

Pregnant Women

Tdap Vaccine

Pregnant women should receive the Tdap vaccine between 27 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. This vaccine helps you and the baby to prevent getting whopping cough.

Immigrants and Refugees

Immigrants and refugees need certain vaccines to be able to receive visas to stay in the country. This list can be found on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

The most important thing that you need to do is talk to your doctor about receiving shots. Your doctor will know your medical history and will know exactly what shots are needed for you to take. Consult with your doctor on what vaccines you need at your next appointment to keep you and the ones around you healthy.

For more information about vaccinations for adults, please visit



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