Horticulture Therapy

By Mindy Longhurst

Horticultural therapy is a form of therapeutic recreation. This form of therapy can be used to help the mind and body.

beautiful-beautiful-flowers-bloom-860564 History of horticultural therapy

Horticulture therapy has been around for at least two centuries. However, it was not until after WW2 that therapeutic horticulture became more widely accepted. This was a direct result from soldiers coming home from the war and using horticulture therapy to help transition back.

Benefits of horticultural therapy

There are so many benefits of horticulture therapy. The physical aspects of working in a garden is great for your hands and fingers to regain strength/muscles. The movement of being able to work in a garden also helps your body to be able to regain coordination and help with balance. There are also many mental benefits from working in a garden. Working in a garden can help your mind to increase focus, destress and can improve memory.

agriculture-close-up-cultivation-169523What horticultural therapists do

Horticultural therapists are trained to best help clients based on their specific needs. They can work with cities to create and design the landscape of gardens and fields to best suit the needs of the local area. This can include the types of flowers, the height of the plants and the amount of space the structures need.

How to find a horticultural therapist

There are registered horticultural therapists who can assist you in learning more about horticultural therapy. They can tailor individual plans for each client. You can find a horticultural therapist in your local area by visiting the American Horticultural Therapy Association website.

For more information about horticulture therapy, please visit https://www.ahta.org/horticultural-therapy and https://www.ahta.org/assets/docs/ht%20definition%202015%20rev.pdf.

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