Protecting Your Eyes

By Mindy Longhurst


Eye health is very important for your overall well-being. Here are some tips on how to protect your eyes.

Wear safety goggles

90 percent of all eye injuries can be prevented by wearing eye safety equipment like eye goggles. Eye goggles should be worn if using spray cleaning products and when lighting consumer fireworks.

Go to the eye doctor regularly

Going to the eye doctor regularly will help your eyes. If you wear glasses or contacts get them updated yearly. This will help your eyes to be able to see better if your current prescription has changed.

Wear eye care regularly

If you have been prescribed to wear some form of glasses or contacts, make sure to wear them regularly.


Change contacts regularly

If you wear contacts, change them regularly. If you have contacts that you are supposed to be changed daily, change them daily. If you have contacts that are supposed to be changed every month, change them every month. If you wear them for too long, the contact lens can have a lot of build up making it harder to see.

Wear sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses if outside is great for your eyes. Being outside too long without wearing sunglasses can cause damage from the sun’s rays.

Limit electronic exposure

Electronic devices can be hard on the eyes. Limiting exposure to electronics can help your eyes.

Do not forget to blink

This might seem silly, but those who are on the computer all day or have extended exposure to electronics do not blink enough. Blinking helps the eyes to be able to get enough moisture. The next time you are staring at your computer screen, do not forget to blink!

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