Beth Luthy Devotional, “The Faith to do His Will”

By Mindy Longhurst

01a1ca7b-5a69-46a9-a05c-81586b985105_3ccde869-4abe-4011-aa71-e012667472b0_1280x720Image of Beth Luthy speaking at the devotional. Photo Credit: BYUTV

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, nursing associate professor Dr. Beth Luthy gave a devotional speech to the campus of Brigham Young University. Her speech was entitled, “The Faith to do His Will.” Luthy started her devotional by explaining that this life is a journey. Sometimes this journey is great when we are, “on the mountaintop, but we can’t stay on the mountaintop for long.” Most of our lives will be spent in the valley, going through hardships and struggling to make an uphill climb.

Jesus Christ sacrificed and suffered so much so that we could have someone to help us through life. The Savior constantly gave up His will and turned it over to the Father. But, turning our will over to God can sometimes be very difficult. Even in the scriptures, it describes how Jesus struggled with performing the Atonement. Luthy quoted Luke 22:42, which reads “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” In that moment, the Savior completely turned his will over to God.

BYU Comms Beth DevoBeth Luthy and her grandson. Photo Credit: BYU Communications

Luthy then told a captivating story about the medical journey of her son Michael. When Luthy was 19 years old, she gave birth to Michael. He was born with a medical condition that made it difficult for his liver to function properly. Through months of doctor visits, tests, hospitals and surgeries, “God was good”, and he was able to overcome this and other medical issues.

Then, out of nowhere, a life threatening infection plagued Michael’s body. His heart rate dropped significantly and his body was holding on to life. The doctors had to perform surgery to help him live. Right before the surgery, Luthy’s husband was giving Michael a priesthood blessing. During this blessing, Luthy’s husband turned over his will to God. He prayed and blessed that if Michael was needed back Home that he would be able to accept God’s will. A few moments later, Luthy also turned her will over to God. This was not something that was easy to do. This experience brought them closer to God. Right after they both turned their wills over to God, the surgeons and medical personnel brought Michael back. For some miraculous reason, Michael no longer needed surgery and was able to eventually return back home healthy.

Luthy then explained that God gives us experiences to use for our good. This can be used to strengthen us or be used to help others. It takes faith to ask for God’s help. It takes even more faith to turn over your will to God. As you take the steps to trust Him, you will learn that “God is good.”

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One thought on “Beth Luthy Devotional, “The Faith to do His Will”

  1. Faith lives inside you whether you accept or dismiss this fact. You were born with faith inside you that must be activated by an act of your will. When you decide to activate this innate faith within you, your circumstances will respond to how you choose to act when facing circumstances beyond your control.

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    Hope everyone is enlightened.


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