New Visiting Scholar

The BYU College of Nursing is hosting a visiting nursing scholar from China.

Dr. Fen Yang is from Wuhan City in China’s Hubei Province. She will be at BYU through April. During that time, she hopes to complete research on evidence nursing and community management of chronic disease.

“The reason I chose to study nursing is that I want to help people,” she says. “Nursing is a great occupation; patients can feel more comfortable because of nurses.”

While Yang was studying to obtain her doctorate, she met a man affiliated with BYU who helped her extensively with her studies. He told her good things about the university, including the kind disposition of the students and teachers. She also is intrigued by the clinical simulation conducted by the BYU College of Nursing.

“I am curious about it, so I am here,” she says.

Already Yang is coming to love the clean air and water of Utah Valley, as well as the educational climate that favors student independent learning. She also notes differences in nursing practices between the United States and China. In China, nurses focus more on disease care while American nurses focus more on patient interaction and have a larger amount of responsibility.

Her hobbies include walking, bike riding, and reading.

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