Wait, Teachers Can Have Fun Too?

Think students are the only ones who enjoy summer? Here’s a look at what various BYU College of Nursing faculty and staff did over the break.

Scott Summers, Assistant Teaching Professor: An avid outdoorsman, Summers experimented with a new path to summit the Grand Teton Mountain in Wyoming. He also took his wife on her first climbing trip on the Birch Hollow route in Zion National Park. He also caught a foul ball at a MLB batting practice in Philadelphia.

Summers climbing the Grand Teton Mountain.

Cara Wiley, Advisement Center Supervisor: Wiley journeyed widely this summer. First, she accompanied BYU nursing students on the Ecuador Public and Global Health clinical practicum, even celebrating her birthday in true South American fashion by having her face pushed into the cake. Second, she presented at an international conference for academic advising in Sheffield, England. She did not miss the chance to tour the countryside where one of the Jane Austen films was made.

20170525_163627 (002).jpg
Wiley traveling in Ecuador with BYU students

Dr. Deborah Himes, Assistant Professor: Himes’ son returned from a mission in Argentina, following which the family visited the Grand Canyon. She also presented at the International Family Nursing Conference in Pamplona, Spain with two of her students.

Grand Canyon
Himes’ family at the Grand Canyon. Her son Sam (far right) returned home this summer from a mission in Argentina.

Dr. Patricia Ravert, Dean: Ravert enjoys biking, but last year she ran afoul of a chicken in France and crashed. This year while biking with her brother between Pittsburg and Washington, DC, a squirrel hit both of their bikes, but luckily she avoided a repeat of last year’s accident. More dangerous were the snakes, including the copperhead that tried to bite one of their friends as he zoomed past.

Lacey Eden, Assistant Teaching Professor: Eden and her family toured the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where they quickly became appreciative of the many technologies NASA has produced that now are commonplace household items. (see https://spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2008/tech_benefits.html for more information).

Eden’s family at the Kennedy Space Center.

Dr. Blaine Winters, Assistant Teaching Professor: Winters and his family went to Bend, Oregon and to Crater Lake National Park. There was a fire in the park and the billowing smoke hampered some of the sightseeing excursions they made. They also rented a beach house in Bandon, Oregon where they toured an old lighthouse and went crabbing on the dock.

Colleen Tingey, NLC Supervisor: Tingey spent time in Washington, DC to not only attend a national nursing simulation conference, but also to celebrate her 35th wedding anniversary with her husband, who is a BYU geology professor. They traveled to Hawaii and Alaska on geology trips and found time to visit their cabin in the Uinta Mountains.

The cliffs in Hawaii where Tingey and her husband worked on a geography research project.

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