A New Culture, a New Perspective

Each year, students in their junior year of the nursing program complete their public and global health clinical. Many travel to foreign countries, some stay in Utah Valley, but all get a feel for a new kind of culture and living situation.

This year, students traveled to Ghana, Ecuador, Taiwan, Finland, Czech Republic, and those staying in Utah had unique experiences working with refugees or individuals in at-risk situations. The 12 students involved with the at-risk program spent their time working with communities and people who have lifestyles that are more prone to complications. They went into schools, medical clinics, the Children’s Justice Center, mental health units, and the prison or jail. They administered to the needs of their patients by starting IVs, assisting with dressing changes, and performing all the clinical skills they have previously learned.

Events throughout the term included teaching kids at Heritage School about STDs, helping with fishing day and a dance festival at Dan Peterson School. Another highlight was the prison fireside, an anticipated event by all. To prepare, the students first researched and analyzed data to find out what some of the at-risk health issues are for these populations. They took that evidence to find out how they can facilitate change and learned that music, hope and religion had a huge impact. They used that information to create a special fireside with music and speakers that brought the spirit and touched lives. Testimonies were shared and strengthened through this event, and all look forward to it next year.

Peggy Anderson and Mike Thomas with the nursing students 


We teach them that we are all God’s children and we all need to be provided health care. The students just stepped up to the plate a provided it.” Peggy Anderson



Although many of the students did go through a bit of culture shock at the beginning, they came out with a new perspective and understanding for those they serve. They administered to their needs without judgment, and provided the best care they could.

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