A Sisterhood Scholarship and Africa

On April 30, 2016, Bethany Lambson, a recent BYU graduate in the College of Nursing spoke at the 81st annual convention of the Utah State Chapter Philanthropic Educational Organization Sisterhood. Lambson received the Ruth S. Clayton Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund, which provides need-based financial assistance for a woman to study nursing, with the goal of attaining a registered nurse degree.  This scholarship blessed Lambson’s life in a variety of ways but especially regarding her trip to Africa.

Well into her nursing program, Bethany was preparing to complete her clinical practicum for the public and global health nursing course. However, her circumstance changed when her husband accepted an internship in Uganda. With him in May 2014 for a few months, Bethany petitioned the college of nursing and was granted an independent nursing internship in Africa with her husband.


While there, they lived in the office of Days for Girls and she traveled with her husband to different villages. There she taught menstrual hygiene management and reproductive health, as well as working in different hospitals. One location included a neonatal intensive care unit where she cared for over 60 newborns and new mothers.

At the convention she expressed her gratitude for the P.E.O, and the knowledge and experience she gained from her trip. The experience changed her life and with the assistance from the P.E.O. scholarship, she was truly able to “learn the Healer’s art”.


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