Back to School Lunches

This week we are featuring a series of back to school tips to help both parents and kids ease into the new school year successfully. Check back each day for more ways to make the most out of your year.

School starting again means new clothes, school supply shopping, and the ever-dreaded lunch packing. Are you tired of the same boring sandwich every day? Are you looking to add variety to you and your kids’ lunches? Then look no further than this post for fun ideas to make lunchtime more exciting for you and your whole family!

cucumber flowers from Madigan Made

Encourage your kids to eat their veggies by cutting them into fun shapes with cookie cutters. Flower-shaped cucumbers, heart-shaped carrots, even star-shaped watermelon; the sky’s the limit when you combine fun shapes and food! Find more fun ideas for cookie cutters here.

sandwich sushi rolls from Kraft

Unleash your child’s (or your own!) inner samurai warrior with these sandwich “sushi” roll-ups from Kraft. Simply put your favorite sandwich ingredients on flattened bread, roll them up and tie them with a thin green onion piece. Get the full recipe at here.

mason jar lasagna from The Food in My Beard

Need something a little more indulgent in your life? Look no farther than this mason jar lasagna. Filled with layers of tomato, pesto, and warm cheesy-goodness, this is a lunchtime winner for sure! See the full recipe here.

nacho box from Momables

Send your kids to school with one of their favorite after-school snacks: nachos! Customize to your child’s nacho-preferences with re-fried beans, nacho cheese, ground beef and shredded cheese. Throw in some fresh fruits and veggies, like corn, olives and tomatoes, to make every lunchtime a fiesta! See some different nacho combinations here and here.

pizzadillas from Cooking Light

Indulge you and your your child’s everyday pizza cravings with these Pizzadillas. Simply add pepperoni to your traditional quesadilla and add a marinara dipping sauce. This meal is sure to be the envy of all your coworkers and your child’s friends. Find the full recipe here.

pb&j banana burritos from Mission

Put a spin on the classic peanut butter and jelly with these PB&J Banana Burritos. Just spread peanut butter and jelly on a warm tortilla and wrap the gooey deliciousness around a banana. You and your kids will love the fun texture and flavor the banana adds to this classic lunchtime staple. See the full recipe here.

DIY_Lunchbox_Creation_Station_1 (1)
lunchbox creation station from Mom Advice

Feel like you need to streamline your lunch production? Create a lunchbox creation station where you or your kids can throw together a lunch quickly and easily! Plus, watch your kids get excited about being able to customize their own meal. See one mom’s station here.

mango black bean mason jar salad from Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

Mason jars aren’t only good for lasagna, but happen to be perfect for salads too! Just fill up your jar jar and pour it into a bowl when you are ready to eat; your ingredients will be perfectly layered with greens on bottoms followed by toppings and dressing. Find the recipe for this mango black bean mason jar salad here and recipes for apple walnut salads, burrito bowl salads, Asian noodle salads and even more here.

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