Tips for a stress-free school year (part two)

This week we are featuring a series of back to school tips to help both parents and kids ease into the new school year successfully. Check back each day for more ways to make the most out of your year.

Parents staying stress-free is a high priority for many families with kids going back to school this month, but it is also important for kids to keep stress levels low. As kids ease naturally into the new school year they will be more successful. Here are 10 tips to share with your kids to help them have a great school year.

  1. Make sleep a priority. Kids who are well-rested do much better in school. Have a consistent bedtime and stick to it as much as possible.
  2. Try a homework app or planner. Let kids choose an app or planner they like. Encourage them to list their assignments each day so they do not forget anything. Having responsibility over their own schedules can be fun for kids if they get to use a new tool.
  3. Review goals and assignments weekly. To stay on top of long-term assignments and big projects, have kids discuss their goals each week and reflect on what they have accomplished so far.
  4. Set goals for the year. Kids can set long-term goals for things like grades, or number of books read. Keep track of these in a planner or weekly discussions to see how each goal will be accomplished.
  5. Layout clothes the night before. Avoid any early morning “can’t find anything to wear” breakdowns by picking out an outfit each night. Check the weather the night before so you can plan an appropriate outfit.
  6. Have a few dollars for emergencies. Keep a small emergency allowance in kids’ bags, in case of emergency or a forgotten lunch.
  7. Know the back-up plan. Make sure kids know the plan for various situations, such as what they should do if they miss the bus.
  8. Get rid of distractions. Don’t have cell phones or other distractions in the room when kids are completing homework or going to sleep.
  9. Establish a routine. Get in the habit of waking up on time, getting ready, and out the door in an orderly manner. Make sure everyone knows where backpacks and folders belong so they are easy to grab as you leave the house.
  10. Encourage kids to practice stress-management. Teach children simple techniques for stress management and encourage them to implement these techniques when they feel overwhelmed. Exercise, reading, and meditation can all help lower stress levels.

Published by BYU Nursing

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