Welcome Dr. Lyman to the College of Nursing

Bret LymanBret Lyman, PhD, RN, CNE, comes from a family of left-brained thinkers. His uncles are engineers and his father is a rocket scientist. Lyman planned to pursue engineering as a career as well, but found fulfillment in helping others as a young CNA. The people he helped consistently told him he should become a nurse because he was good at it, and eventually, Lyman took their advice and pursued nursing.

He earned his first nursing degree from Weber State University and later received advanced and terminal degrees in nursing from the University of Northern Colorado. His graduate education focused on nursing education, with emphasis in organizational learning, and leadership in higher education.

As an assistant professor, Lyman instructs an ethics course and mentors capstone students. He is excited to work with the college and its students.

“BYU has a stellar reputation for academic excellence, scholarship, global outreach, strong values, and outstanding faculty and students,” he said. “It is an excellent opportunity to be part of a college with such rich history and an exciting future. My hope is that the experiences, perspectives, and talents I have been blessed with will be a benefit to the faculty, students and community at BYU.”

Lyman beat the odds and married the girl he met in high school. The two met at age 14, but waited until they were 16 to officially date. They now have five children.

When he isn’t researching or teaching, Lyman enjoys cycling. As a young boy, he earned money delivering newspapers, but he claims to have loved biking before then. In fact, he can’t remember when he started riding bikes. “I can’t remember the first spandex suit I purchased,” he said.

The College of Nursing is excited to have Dr. Lyman as faculty, and it extends a warm welcome to the Lyman family into the Utah County area.

Published by BYU Nursing

Guided by the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we exemplify the Healer’s art by: leading with faith and integrity; advancing the science of nursing and healthcare; promoting health and wellness; alleviating suffering; and serving individuals, families, and communities. The mission of the College of Nursing at Brigham Young University is to learn the Healer’s art and go forth to serve.

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