Sick (of work) day? Buy a doctor’s note

fake note
A fake doctor’s note that Frank Langfitt bought for $33 from an online store on Taobao, the EBay of China

Few countries are so addicted to the World Cup that they would be willing to allow forgery, but apparently China is one of them.

Through Taobao, China’s version of EBay, anyone can purchase a falsified doctor’s note to avoid work, school or whatever else is getting in the way of watching the World Cup.

These doctor’s notes include almost anything imaginable. Death certificates are $15 and results for blood tests, urine tests, blood tests, ultra-sounds or CT scans cost about $50, but it doesn’t stop there. Ever wonder who’s the father of that imaginary baby? Get results for a forged paternity test. It’s only $100.

Frank Langfitt, the reporter from NPR who covered this story, purchased a diagnosis that claimed to be from a famous hospital in Shanghai. “It gets better,” he says, “the medical records state that Dr. Hu saw me Sunday, June 15th — three days from now. So, the suggested rest period perfectly coincides with the coming workweek.”

Taobao is trying to stop these transactions from occurring by blocking search terms, but with a little creativity, they’ll still show-up on the website.

Keep in mind that multiple people create these forged notes, and not all of them have the same quality, but at least it is an option for any avid soccer fans out there. Now all you’ll have to do is explain why you went to a Chinese hospital.

Published by BYU Nursing

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